July 9th Club Outing To Escondido Deer Park Winery!

On 9 July our club met at the Deer Park Winery just north of Escondido for lunch, camaraderie, and a guided tour of the car collection.
Our tour was guided by the son of the fellow who started the collection in the 1970’s. Besides lots of fine Studebakers, it also is home to many rare cars including.a Kaiser Darrin, Nash Healy, and Franklin, Chrysler, and Pierce Arrow early 30’s convertibles. There were also lots of neon dealer signs, banners, and collections of tv’s and radios.
In attendance were Keith Wahl, Bob Buchaklian and his brother Charlie, Johanna Worster, Ken and Michele St.Clair, Bob and Mimi Halgren, and Ricky Logier.
Besides discussing plans for upcoming events, we also elected new club officers: Keith Wahl Pres., Bob Halgren VP, Ricky Logier Sec., and Mimi Treas.
A good time was had by all. Thanks for setting this up Keith.
-Bob Halgren