January 2022 Club Meeting Recap, Minutes, and Video

January 8, 2022 Club Meeting Recap


Meeting Minutes:

Jan. 8th meeting called to order 12:03pm
Webmaster:  Devin-content can now be input on our web page.  Members should email Devin car photos, owner info, car info, etc. on the form that he will be sending to all club members to keep info. consistent.
February meeting will be at Mission Bay Park for a photo shoot of the cars, we will have a picnic and our meeting weather permitting.  Michele will email all to keep members informed of the meeting time and place.
Whenever anything is posted on the website, the website automatically emails our club members.
Treasurer report; Devin should have received report from Mimi
Dues:  Make sure the dues to national are up to date and send Mimi your San Diego dues
club annual report is due Feb. 15th from our president
Ricky Logier joined the San Diego Association of Car clubs (SDACC) so now our website is on their page and anyone can get to it easily.
The SDACC talked about the AB220 bill that states cars older than 1976 do not have to be smogged but they are working on trying to have it changed to 1983 and older. We will have to wait to see what happens.
Past Event:
San Dieguito Heritage Museum tour.  Tour was set up by Warren Reps.  It was very interesting.  The heritage Museum was founded in 1988 to preserve artifacts, records and stories pertaining to the history of the communities of the San Dieguito River area.
After the tour, we went to lunch at Swami’s in Encinitas, great fun and food for all.
December Holiday party:  We held our annual holiday party on Dec. 11 where 15 of us had a wonderful pot luck at the St. Clair’s house.  We had many toys to donate to toys for Tots.  Thanks to all that participated.  There was plenty of great food and toys!
Upcoming events: SDC International Meeting is May 1 – 8.  The La Palma meetis on May 29th
Possible new event:  Murphy Museum will be discussed at next meeting and any other ideas that are brought up.
New business:  none
Meeting adjourned: 12:40pm