Studebaker Stories : The Cohen’s 1950 Studebaker Commander Regal Deluxe

Owner: Arnold & Evelyn Cohen

What Year: 1950

What Make: Studebaker

What Model: Commander Regal Deluxe four-door sedan

What Color: Maroon

Engine: 245 cid 102 hp straight 6

How Long Have You Had The Car: since 2014

Modifications?: Interior reupholstered in non-stock fabrics

Longest Round Trip In This Vehicle?: 136 miles

What’s Your Studebaker Story: I bought this car because of experiences when I was a young teenager: In 1949 my dad came home with what was the first new car he had ever bought. It was a beautiful yellow and white Studebaker Land Cruiser. The interior was as beautiful as the exterior. Dad phoned his older brother Jack to tell him about our new car. Uncle Jack told my dad the car was too light, therefore unsafe. Dad returned the Studebaker to the dealer, then came home with a drab (in every way) 300-pound heavier Buick. I’ve missed that Studebaker ever since. Later in 1949 on the way home from Junior High School I spotted a fantastic new model car parked on the street. I walked around that car several times, taking in every detail of the futuristic car. It was the first 1950 Studebaker I’d ever seen, and it was maroon. 

Would You Ever Sell?: Regrettably, yes. Some day I’ll be too old to take care of it.